Our team creates websites, application software and data systems, adjusts and adapts ready-made solutions.

Flexible methods of development, individual approach to the customer, innovative product solutions make up the ground of our work.


Our commitment is to make complicated things easier and more convenient to use. Turning grey into bright, boring into interesting.

Still, we know exactly where to stop :).

Work Methods

We offer one of two working schemes to our clients

The hard scheme

The hard scheme requires a profoundly elaborated performance specification (PS) and a design or model of future result from the customer. In this case, it is possible to estimate the time and cost of the work for a whole performance period. After elaborating, the product is tested and the result is implemented.Following this scheme, the whole work is planned and estimated before its realization; it should strictly run on schedule without any additional expensesfor the customer.

However, in the hard scheme it is difficult to perform the next stage, until the previous one iscompletely finished. As experience demonstrates, while following this scheme, any innovations and new specifications to the PS from the customer lead to adelay in realization of a product, which is unacceptable. In addition, the product is available for testing to the customer only when all the PS works are over. 

The flexible scheme

The flexible scheme is based on the up-to-date methods of fast elaboration. The whole working process is divided into short cycles and requires an active participation of the customer as a consultant. The primary performance specification is compiled together with the client and does not include thorough specification. The work cost is estimated for each cycle separately; the same applies to work deadlines. Innovations and PS alterations are completely acceptable and even obligatory. They are included into further cycles’ working plans along with additional estimation of costs and deadlines.

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